Adrian Heng is the founder and Principal Consultant of SpaceOne Interior Design Consultancy. Established in 1999, Adrian has designed and managed various projects in London, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and has gained much local and regional press recognition for its quality design, impeccable style and professional services.

Many of his works has been featured extensively in top interior design magazines and some was even selected to be published as magazine covers, in news articles and also TV shows. Adrian’s years of hard work and strong passion for design was further affirmed when SpaceOne was awarded Singapore's Outstanding Enterprise in 2011. Click here to read more about Adrian's success story!


Visit SpaceOne media releases and be impressed by his creativity listed in the portfolio.


Our Design Philosophy - Life Inspired, Bespoke Designs

With inspiration ranging from fashion and food to nature and architecture, SpaceOne transform elements common in our daily lives into timeless elegance without compromising practicality and functionality. Adrian’s simple but yet sophisticated designs have never gone out of style and remain as fabulous and elegant as it was years ago!